The Show

Sites of Consumption – August 11 to 29, 2010 by Ali Sztepa and Kye Marshall

With this installation, the artists hope to awaken the viewer’s sense of the effect thoughtless human development has had on the environment; specifically here in Toronto. Human dominion over the world has lead to global warming, contamination of land and water and habitat loss for animals and people alike. The objects displayed evoke the ever-growing mountains of refuse that were once symbols of our ability to create and have now become the markers of mass graves. Images of a virgin forest are juxtaposed against the glare of Yonge-Dundas Square, emphasizing the increasing distance urban dwellers put between themselves and the land.

These concepts speak also to the transitions neighbourhoods undergo as their inhabitants evolve; garbage as artefact and the only trace left of increasingly marginalized people. With the gentrification of Parkdale steadily moving onward and never-ending development of condos and skyscrapers, the artists ask that we take pause to remember what once was and consider the consequences of the consumerism that will eventually consume us all.


FERaquarium – June 8 to July 4, 2010 by Sarah Engel and Simone Collins

Feraquarium is an installation where the artists have explored feral microcosms. Unlike typical microcosms, the artists have used the space in order to scrutinize how the forces of decay and disorder can so easily consume developed areas that have been abandoned, and left to their own devices. Within the window is a network of invading ‘vegetation’ that has been allowed to run aberrant – to become feral within the walls of a man made space.

In combining found object sculptures and mixed media painting with non-representational crocheted forms, the artists have created a microcosm that is neither strictly representative of a sub-aquatic or terrestrial space. It is unclear whether or not the environment is growing or decaying; it straddles the fallout of disaster, and the thriving of a manicured garden.


Rain of Fire – May 12 to June 6, 2010 by Lynn Harrigan and Scott M2

Rain of Fire is a new multimedia collaboration between Lynn Harrigan and Scott M2 that combines embroidery, poetry and video painting to address the vulnerability of so many during these times of rapid economic change. Created as part of their developing Oblique Poetry series, the piece reflects the emotion of people trapped by the economic collapse of recent times and the false promises of the global new world order. Left exposed and unprotected, there is no solace in the gospels of greed.

Rain of Fire

Hand-embroidered silk, video-painting, DVD player, 28 inch monitor

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