Notes on a “Mash-up”

Lynn Harrigan and Scott M2 on their work Rain of Fire:

Lynn – Synergy!

Scott – Lynn and I have collaborated before in combinations of poetry and music or embroidery and video but “Rain of Fire” is our first attempt to merge poetry, embroidery, and video in one piece. From our continuing investigations into expressive ways to merge our voices, we can pass on some obvious assets for collaboration: minds open to exploring new ideas, the ability to communicate without guile, and one, perhaps less obvious – the ability to lose an argument.

Simone Collins on her Collaboration with Sarah Engel in Feraquarium:

Feraquarium was the first collaborative piece I’d ever worked on. I’d always imagined that if I were ever to collaborate with another artist, it would be with a long time friend or colleague, this way you already have a personal dynamic, an idea of the other person’s vision and aesthetic, and knowledge of how they work. Sarah and I started working on Feraquarium within 5 minutes of meeting each other for the first time. Looking back, there are many opportunities for failure when collaborating with a complete stranger, but fortunately, failure did not visit us! It was a suspiciously painless process, owing likely to our natures as artists, (complete Divas, don’t even get me started!) and a willingness to let the art grow naturally; the core idea in fact, of Feraquarium!

Sarah Engel discusses her Collaborative Experience with Simone Collins:

I applied to the intersections project as a sole artist, the thought of collaborating had never crossed my mind – especially not for my first installation. I was soon asked how I felt about being paired with another artist, and working together to fill the space. Our first meeting was very much like a blind date, and I was equally as nervous. I think we both found it rather odd, not knowing much about each other and immediately trying to work together.

I think for any artist collaborating can be very difficult, but incredibly beneficial. Your art is something very personal, and it can be very strange to let someone into your creative process. I had to meet deadlines and pull my own weight in this project, knowing I was not the only one in it was very motivating.

I can honestly say I did not expect us to come together so successfully and so cooperatively. There were no disputes or arguments at all. I found the whole process both exciting and a wonderful learning experience. It is something I will definitely do again.

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