We are Simone Rojas-Pick and Jessica Nagy, co-curating a 3-month exhibit series entitled ‘Intersections’ in the Window Box Gallery at Gallery 1313 in Parkdale, Toronto.

Curatorial Vision

Our vision for the Window Box Gallery involves exploring urban themes that are community based by creating experiments in art that are focused on bringing art out of the Gallery and into the everyday; centred around the idea of the “mash-up” where two or more voices/mediums/styles are combined to create a single work. The focus will be on the changeability of environment and the limits of creation.

With this in mind, the “mash-up” creates the ideal avenue to invite artists to work outside of their own medium and style in collaboration with others to explore and defy their own boundaries.

Taking a “mash-up” minded approach has allowed us to go drastically different directions with each new exhibit. By pairing artists to create installations that push beyond the restraints of the traditional gallery milieu, we are asking the artists to forget accepted ‘rules’ and work in a fashion that includes an understanding of flexibility in relation to the immediate environment as well as how they relate to their own work. Moreover, we are investigating how the many surrounding environments affect the way art is perceived through the eyes of artists and non-artists alike.

In previous exhibits we co-ordinated a work with Internationally renowned Japanese artist Sadaharu Horio, called “The Painting Ritual” which utilized an assemblage of found objects donated by individuals that was then painted with a new layer on a daily basis. The project invited visitors to make their own mark on a constantly evolving artwork, thus creating a piece that was not only accessible but engaging and perfectly embodied the everydayness of art and the ability of non-artists to participate in art.

The window gallery has become a petri dish for experimentation with these ideas and themes in order to explore more deeply the relationships between art, life and the community as well personal limitations.

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